3DOS & Ivaldi deliver on-demand parts to Africa via Web3

3DOS and Ivaldi partner to provide on-demand critical parts for heavy industries such as energy, maritime, and mining via Web3.

3DOS and Ivaldi partner to provide on-demand critical parts for heavy industries such as energy, maritime, and mining via Web3. 

Recently one of Ivaldi’s customer in Africa successfully received its first on-demand part via the integration with 3DOS. 

With the 3DOS partnership, Ivaldi customers can have parts printed securely in over 120 countries. This decentralized web3 network protects royalties and lowers the barrier for OEMs to share their part catalogs. It also makes it easier for end users to procure parts on-demand near point of use.

3DOS network validated 96% cost reduction

“We are excited to work with 3DOS, as they are building the world’s largest, decentralized on-demand manufacturing platform that will allow us to securely deliver critical parts to our customers anywhere around the world. Their cutting edge work with DeFi protocols and the blockchain is opening up interesting new business models for OEMs and end users.

CEO Ivaldi, Espen Sivertsen 

The partnership allows direct 3D printing from a catalog of parts that have been determined to be of high value.  

Ivaldi’s real-time software-based inventory analysis helps companies identify relevant parts as well as potential savings. Once parts are identified as good candidates, Ivaldi develops a digital file and performance envelope, qualifies it for production, and makes it available in a digital parts catalog. 

When the part is needed by a user, the 3DOS network instantly locates a local manufacturer and begins manufacturing the parts on-demand. The qualified parts, like the impeller in this example, is protected as a 3DOS NFT, and delivered securely via the web3 network.

Source: Ivaldi Group Inc.

This state of the art 3DOS blockchain technology protects the design royalties and verifies the provenance and authenticity of the parts. The exact materials, machines, settings, and quality controls are all recorded for the life of the product on the 3DOS decentralized blockchain. 

The 3DOS network also facilitates payments and transactions globally through DeFi. Decentralized finance (DeFi) is an emerging financial technology based on secure distributed ledgers similar to those used by cryptocurrencies. Benefits for global spare parts ecosystems is the elimination of bank transfer fees and currency conversions which may be particularly relevant when 3D printing smaller, low cost parts.  Being able to send and receive payments in a stable consistent way globally at the speed of the light is also an essential component to the 3DOS supply chain resiliency architecture. 

“We are excited to partner with Ivaldi, as they solve the biggest challenge of identifying which parts should be targeted, and then deploy a structured playbook for OEMs and end users to adopt on-demand 3D printing.”  

John Dogru CEO 3DOS Inc. 

Large companies in heavy industry are turning to new technologies such as 3D printing in an effort to overcome supply chain issues.  It is a joint vision to deliver on-demand manufacturing solutions, initially starting with Ivaldi Group’s customers on the African continent. 

Both Silicon Valley companies, Ivaldi Group and 3DOS are now looking to expand partnerships to produce more parts on-demand for more commercial companies. 

About 3DOS: 3DOS is a Silicon Valley company founded in 2019, with a mission to build the world's largest on-demand decentralized manufacturing network, built on Web 3, using NFT's as a licensing tool.  

Anyone can upload a design or an entire catalog of parts, and protect their design royalties via the 3DOS NFT blockchain.  The blockchain provides provenance (a record of ownership of a work of art, used as a guide to prove authenticity or quality). 3DOS aims to create the best route to market by democratizing manufacturing. The 3DOS ecosystem allows a product to market, without expensive overhead and barriers of entry. Simply upload or buy a design and get it produced anywhere at any given time.

About Ivaldi Group:

Ivaldi Group helps heavy industry shift from traditional spare parts supply chain practices to digital, on-demand distribution. Ivaldi’s mission is to transform the world’s inventory by sending files, not parts. Working with industry leaders, Ivaldi has helped companies worldwide understand their potential savings by going digital. Whether you are an original equipment manufacturer or end-user, Ivaldi will work with you to build a safe, convenient, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solution for sending files, not parts. 

John Dogru
CEO, Chief Architect, Co-Founder