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"3D Printing and The Future of Global Manufacturing" - Wall Street Journal

The global digital manufacturing market size was valued at $320 billion in 2021.
It is expected to reach $1.370 trillion by 2030.

3DOS  DePIN (decentralized physical infrastructure network) Ecosystem

The future of manufacturing is decentralized

Your products are manufactured, sold, and distributed globally in hours!

The 3DOS platform allows for anyone to use any worldwide fiat or crypto currencies, and utilizes blockchain to protect royalty streams for design owners globally.
3DOS allows anyone (brands, influencers, artists, or inventors) to start selling 3d products without upfront costs.
Go to market the same day!
Receive global royalties for life
No inventories, No Stress

Imagine a world where
everyone can manufacture

3DOS is the world's largest peer-to-peer manufacturing network, allowing anyone to upload a design, receive royalties, and have it made anywhere in the world.

3DOS allows anyone (brands, influencers, artists, or inventors) to take a design to product in hours, by protecting royalties, and allowing those products to made on demand globally via our 3d manufacturing network.

We help you take your products to market globally in hours! 



IP owner
NFT royalty


On demand decentralised manufacturing
Broadcast & monetize excess capacity
Finance new capacity


Purchased on-demand
Produced locally


Zero waste
Zero inventory
Finance new capacity
Monetize excess capacity
Democratize manufacturing  
Our Vision

One Click Manufacturing

A growing team of innovators, makers and disruptors

John Dogru 3D Control Systems President
John Dogru
Founder, Chief Architect
Just-in-Time Manufacturing, Industrial Automation, AI, 3D Printing Expert, Supply Chain x Dell Lead Engineer, x Austin Digital Lead Engineer ( GE Aviation ) University of Texas Austin EE, CS
Anton Vedeshin CTO 3D Control Systems
Anton Vedeshin, Ph.D.
Head of Technology
Blockchain, Cloud, AI/ML, Cyber Security, Robotics, 3D Printing Expert, ICO, IDO, Professor Tallinn Technical University
Lowell D. Ness
Legal Counsel
Perkins Coie
Blockchain SEC Regulations, Firmwide Lead, Fintech Corporate, Financing, and Merger & Acquisition, Fintech Industry Group
Hans Reisgies
VP Product Strategy
Velo Payments
Advisory Board
American Express, Bank of America, Blackberry, BART, Citi, CIBC, Cubic, Discover, MasterCard, Motorola, Nokia, Rogers Wireless, Samsung, Sberbank, Visa
Ken Burns
Vice President Commercial
Advisory Board
On Demand Manufacturing Expert, Manufacturing Materials and Supply Chain Expert, xStratasys Business Manager, BS Pepperdine University
Michelle Bockman 3D Control Systems  CEO
Michelle Bockman
President of StanleyX
(Stanley Black & Decker
)Advisory Board xGlobal Head HP 3D Printing Digital Manufacturing - Automotive & High Value Applications, xGE Executive VP Commercial, xCOO GE Professional Services, xGE Healthcare, Sales Nikon Instruments
Alper Ertas
Director of IP
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Advisory Board
JD Law University of Houston, MS Chemical Engineering Texas A&M, Biomedical Engineering UT Austin, BS Chemical Engineering
Ravi Belani
Managing Director
Alchemist Accelerator
Advisory Board
Fenwick & West Lecturer of Entrepreneurship at Stanford University, and Managing Director of the Alchemist Accelerator, an enterprise seed accelerator backed by Cisco, DFJ, Khosla Ventures, Salesforce, SAP Ventures, and USVP. Early Investor in Twitch / Justin.TV, Pubmatic, Rigetti, LaunchDarkly
Rene-Oscar Ariko 3D Control Systems VP of Sales
Rene-Oscar Ariko
Head of Sales
Global Manufacturing Partnerships and Alliances3D Printing, On Demand Manufacturing Expert, xMilitary
Mousser Rahmouni
Digital Marketing Manager
Growth Hacker
Google Ads, SEO, CPC, LTV, Email Marketing, Crypto Marketing, Campaigns Management
Nicolas Ardies
Managing Director
Blockchain Expert, ICO, IDO, Go to Market Crypto
Masters of Science Digital Currency, MBA University of Antwerp, BBA Business Administration and Management
Alex Dolgov
Head of Technology
Blockchain Architect
Olga Novikova
Community Manager
xATOM Mobility Account Manager, MS & BS Degree Donetsk National Technical University, Electromechanical Automation Systems and Electric Drive.
Nikita Mokhirev
Product Design
Product Design, 3D/UI/UX Designer Fujitsu Design Awards, MS Euroacademia Tallinn Architecture Design BS Power Engineer Tallinn University of Technology

+10 Software Engineers

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